Clone Troopers: Echo and Fives 2-Pack from Sideshow

Sideshow just launched a new Star Wars Pre Order today and it pays homage to the Clone Wars series. You will get 2 figures in this set: Troopers CT-21-0408 aka Echo and CT-27-5555 aka Fives. Get your order HERE

Clone troopers CT-21-0408 and CT-27-5555, best known as Echo and Fives, served side by side in the Grand Army of the Republic, steadfastly defending their posts and attacking key targets during the great intergalactic conflict, The Clone Wars.

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce the Clone Troopers: Echo and Fives Sixth Scale Figure set. Decorated soldiers in the 501st legion, Echo and Fives continue their dedicated service to the Republic, wearing the unique armor that distinguishes their prestigious unit. The Clone Troopers: Echo and Fives figure set features Phase 1 Helmets and detailed switch-out heads, along with multiple interchangeable hands, DC-15A Blaster rifles, and DC-15S blaster carbines.

The Clone Troopers: Echo and Fives Sixth Scale Figurefeatures:

    • Phase 1 helmets
    • Clone Trooper Echo and Fives heads
    • Fully Articulated Bodies
    • Detailed 501st Legion Armor with customized ‘For Hevy’ design
    • 13 switch out hands
    • Standard Trooper boots
    • Trooper action boots
    • DC-15A Blaster rifles with grapple dart attachments
    • DC-15S Blaster carbines
    • The Clone Wars figure bases

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