Civil War Trailer Reveals Spider-Man

There is a new Captain America: Civil War trailer out from Marvel. Among the various reveals, including shots of the heroes in actual battle, we get a reveal of Spider-Man in his Marvel Cinematic Universe costume, which doesn’t look bad. If you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t go any further, but you know you want to see it. Go ahead.

Also appearing in the video we get to see how the two teams face off. That shot of Tony blocking a bullet with an Iron Man glove follows through for another second to show that Tony is actually shocked that Bucky just tried to shoot him in the face. We see Scarlet Witch wreaking havoc with the Vision, and Ant-Man dodging a bunch of arrows. We also see Black Panther in action, catching up to Bucky on a speeding motorcycle. Aside from the big reveal, my favorite moment is the call back to the first Captain America film with a staggered Cap putting up his fists after his foe, in this case Iron Man, tells him to give up. “I could do this all day.”


However everything is upstaged by the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of Spider-Man, as he will be portrayed by Tom Holland. The costume is very close to the comic book version of his costume, but definitely in the same design sense of the Marvel Cinematic Universe costumes that we have already seen. What’s instantly notable is that the whites of the eyes on the costume change size, something that’s been shown in comics and animation for decades.

Judging from comments on YouTube, fans of the DC Movies will call the costume stupid, while fans of Marvel will react in pretty much the polar opposite. Regardless, Marvel has thrown down the gauntlet, and the Comic Movie War of 2016 has begun.