Civil War Minimates Series 2

Civil War is happening right now at the movie theaters and to celebrate, DST just posted some images of their Civil War Minimates on Facebook, including a look at series 2!

Series 1 of the Civil War Minimates is already out at Toys R Us and soon to hit Comic Shops. TRU series 1 has an exclusive pack with Hawkeye and Vision, while the comic/specialty shops will have exclusive sets with War Machine or Battle Damaged War Machine Minimates.

Civil War Minimates 03 Civil War Minimates 04


Series 2 will consist of Crossbones, Black Widow and Battle Damaged versions of Captain America and Tony Stark. The comic/specialty exclusive sets will have Secretary Ross, Agent 13 and a Mercenary. The Toys R Us exclusive set is one I’ll NEED to get as it have my favorite character…..Falcon! Included with the new Falcon Minimate is Ant-Man! This set is all sorts of win and will probably go quick once they come out this Summer

Civil War Minimates 02 Civil War Minimates 01