Charles Soule and Tony Daniel Discuss SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #1

Next month, the world’s most powerful and famous superhero couple will take flight in their own all-new ongoing series.

Hitting stores this October, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN comes to you from the superstar creative team of writer Charles Soule (RED LANTERNS; SWAMP THING) and artist Tony Daniel (ACTION COMICS; JUSTICE LEAGUE). Today, take a first look at this eagerly anticipated series by checking out some of Daniel’s gorgeous interior art for the inaugural issue in the gallery above!

“I would say that it’s really a mix of being really gigantic scale superhero action, which is appropriate when you have Superman and Wonder Woman playing on the same playing field,” Soule explained to COMIC VINE about the series. “Beyond that, there are some really fantastic character moments, not just between the two of them but between their expanded casts, both respectively from their individual books. You also have the main characters in the book in a relationship with one another. So that enables us to play some deeper emotional beats that maybe not every other types would be able to access in the same way. When Superman and Wonder Woman, the icons, are together, it has sort of a spark, an electricity to it. That’s just really, really fun to write. There’s something interesting on every single page, obviously with Tony’s art on the book. There’s a lot of ways we’ll try to keep the readers interested whether it’s a gigantic superhero punching or it is a really beautiful character moment between them.”

“I’m just really excited to grow with these characters, and that’s what readers will really like about the book,” continued Daniel to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. “We’ll get to grow with and see these characters blossom as their relationship grows. We’ll see all the triumphs and struggles two superhero characters who are dating would go through with each other. I think that alone is very interesting and fun. It’s something I look forward to, and their relationship … is going to evolve. Being a witness to it as a reader will make people want to come back and see what happens next — to see the effects of whatever obstacle they may face and how it will bear on them as a couple. That’s so much more interesting than a typical team-up book.”

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