Catalyst Prime: Seven Days #2 – Review

Before I get started with this very carefully worded review of Catalyst Prime: Seven Days, I need to preface it with something. It’s always surprising whenever we get notified of a comic that we haven’t heard of, but should have. Usually these come from the smaller publishers, but when they come through, it’s refreshing.

This review PDF cam with a strict embargo warning. Since it did, and they’re treating the events seriously, I am going to treat them seriously as well. I will not spoil anything. Heck, I even edited the Solicitation copy to avoid spoiling it. 

Catalyst Prime

Source: Oni/Lion Forge

Catalyst Prime: Seven Days #2

Writer: Gail Simone
Penciller: José Luís
Inker: Jonas Trindade
Colorist: Michelle Madsen
Letterer: Saida Temofonte
Cover Art: Stjepan Sejic


DAY TWO: ***** is dead and the world has lost it’s brightest hero. Mass panic and confusion are spreading throughout the globe like wildfire and Lorena’s left to make sense of it all. Astrid wants vengeance for *****, while Val struggles to live up to his status as the hero people needed. It’s only DAY TWO since their foe sentenced humanity to one week to live, but it already feels like a lifetime.

In Comic Shops: Nov. 13, 2019


If you want to get me to read a book that I don’t know anything about, one way to do it is to tell me that Gail Simone is writing it. It’s pleasantly scary how well she can do a big story that affects the characters on a global level. Here, she is showing how that can be done. She not only shows us on the level of the people in charge, but on the street level. With things upside down, and looking bleak, the heroes are doing what heroes do. They’re standing up and fighting as long as they’re able. Of course, there are people that don’t want them to, but we’re seeing heroes being heroes.

The artwork by José Luís has that epic feeling. This may be a series from a publisher with a very small footprint, but it doesn’t feel like it from the art. Gail Simone can write something that’s deadly serious, and José Luís can draw it. His style is detailed and organic, and doesn’t shy away from sharing bystanders. Too many times artists feel the pull of only drawing the heroes. Heck we fell the emotion in a freaking dog.

To say much else would risk spoiling it. I didn’t read the first issue. Heck, I haven’t read any issues of this line of heroes. I’m going to spend this week looking up some of them. that’s how good it is.

Final Rating: 9.0 (out of 10)