Captain America Winter Soldier Falcon & Black Widow Minimates

We’ve got another two pack from Marvel Minimates Series 55 (Captain America The Winter Soldier) Today we’re looking at Cap’s partners in crime, Falcon & The Black Widow!


CAWS Widow Falcon 01 Box

Here we see the Captain America Winter Soldier Minimate packaging with the Black Widow and Falcon artwork on the front under their names.


CAWS Widow Falcon 02 Falcon Gear

First up is the main reason I bought this set, Sam Wilson AKA: Falcon! As you can see the minimate comes with his flying harness and looks very close to his appearance on the movie.


CAWS Widow Falcon 03 Falcon Head

One of the many cool features with this figure is the removable goggles that have translucent lenses.


CAWS Widow Falcon 04 Falcon

All of Falcon’s gear is removable (Though he doesn’t come with spare hands to “replace” his gloves) and underneath we see a plain looking Sam Wilson with camo pants and a grey shirt.


CAWS Widow Falcon 05 Falcon Wing

Falcon’s wings are a two part assembly. The main piece slides over his shoulder and the wing tip has a plug to attach to the main wing piece and allows a bit of poseability to the wings. As you can see below, the wings can point outwards from the back or swing to point upwards or downwards.

CAWS Widow Falcon 06 Falcon Wing


Another feature of that peg on the wing tips is that Falcon can hold on to it to give the wings an extended appearance (Thanks to DST’s own Zach Oat by way of my editor for pointing out this cool hidden feature)

CAWS Widow Falcon 18 Falcon Wing


CAWS Widow Falcon 07 Falcon Weapons

Falcon also comes with two pistols. I like that they included them, but I kinda wish there were some holsters for the pistols. I would have been happy if they used the smaller pistols and leg holsters that came with Brock Rumlow and Black Widow.


CAWS Widow Falcon 08 Falcon Stand

Falcon also comes with a single peg flight effect stand


CAWS Widow Falcon 09 Falcon Action

Even though the wings are partially attached to his arms and he has the whole harness on, you can still get some good poses out of Falcon

CAWS Widow Falcon 10 Falcon Action


CAWS Widow Falcon 11 Black Widow

Included with Falcon is yet another Black Widow figure also known as Natasha Romanoff


CAWS Widow Falcon 12 Black Widow Acc

Just like Brock Rumlow, Black Widow has a Shield logo tampo on her shoulder and features the same pistols and leg holsters. She also has her trademark gauntlets


CAWS Widow Falcon 13 Black Widow Action

Black Widow has the typical range of motion for a Minimate and has the typical movie look to her.

CAWS Widow Falcon 14 Black Widow Action


CAWS Widow Falcon 15 Black Widow Compare

This is the 3rd Black Widow figure we’ve gotten since the Avengers Minimates 2 years ago. I passed on the the previous one (TRU Wave 17 packaged with Hawkeye) but everyone of them have been slightly different while still looking similar (Black cat suit, red hair, etc…) Between the Avengers and Winter Soldier movie versions, the overall look has changed a bit, the hair looks more like in the Winter Soldier, the outfit has become even more black and the face looks leaner. Both figures have the same guns, holsters and belt, but this Black Widow has newly sculpted gauntlets.


CAWS Widow Falcon 16 Group

I originally planned to get rid of this Black Widow but after getting her in hand, I have to admit I like the figure well enough that I think I’ll keep her displayed with Cap and Falcon, while the other Black Widow will stay with Hawkeye and the other Avengers. This pack has two main characters from the Winter Soldier movie and while Black Widow is a nice updated figure, Falcon is the main reason to buy this set. The detail and accessory options make this one of the better Falcon action figures on the market (I would even choose this one over the 3 3/4″ Hasbro figure even though most of my toys are all 3 3/4″ toys)