Captain America Civil War Movie Review

Yes, we’ve seen Captain America Civil War, so like any good web site, we’re doing reviews. Before we get started, please note that reviews should always be considered one person’s opinion. You should always weigh many opinions at once and determine for yourself if you should give a movie, or a book, a try. Also, while I’ll try to avoid spoilers, I may inadvertently let a detail or two slip out. You have been warned.

Captain America Civil War Review


This, more so than any other Marvel movie, seems to tie together the Cinematic Universe into a whole, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Events in other films, specifically¬†Iron Man 3 and Ant-Man are referred to. It’s nice to see something built on what has come before, yet expanding the world more giving us new ramifications for everything that has come before. As with the last Captain America movie, we end with a world very different than what we were presented with at the beginning.


The action is incredible, and pulled back enough to show everything instead of quick cuts that leave a viewer wondering what just happened. With characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther, this works especially well. It’s also spaced out with pauses that tell the story and build up to the action in as logical a fashion as the premise will allow. Near the end, it boils down to strictly an emotion-fueled fight. The reasons for this fight actually work with elements that don’t need to be explained, because they’re shown. The story trusts that you’ll pick up on them, which shows a lot of respect for the audience.


Spider-Man was the unknown equation going in. We had seen enough of Black Panther that we knew how he would be portrayed in the action scenes. It needs to be added that he has one scene with Zemo that summed up the difference between Marvel films and DC films. Spider-Man, on the other hand, was a little more unknown going in. I was very pleased with how he was portrayed, and most importantly, we don’t have to see another Spider-Man origin. We also see a Peter Parker that is a believable teenager, both in appearance and demeanor. One little touch that I found nice was someone recognizing Spider-Man’s New York accent, although it wasn’t portrayed as over the top. I am very hopeful for the next Spider-Man film.

captain america civil war

This film is everything that Batman v Superman needed to be. While a lot was crammed in, it all was in the context of the story, and the story stayed focused on the Captain America / Winter Soldier / Iron Man trio. The emotions involved remain much more real, focusing on love and all the other motivations that come from it, including revenge. The reason Civil War echoes so resoundingly with comic fans is that at its heart is the desire for security in a world that has so much outside of our control. On so many levels, it works, failing only a couple of times in ways that make the world seem smaller than it should be.

Well done, Marvel, well done.