Call of Duty Icarus Troopers 5 Pack Review

Everything winds up in space sooner or later, so why not Call of Duty? We’re reviewing the Icarus Troopers from Mega Bloks! Read on to see what we thought of this army builder pack.

CoD Space Icarus 01

The box shows us a nice photoshopped pic and one of the assembled figures in a small window. As you can see, the Icarus Troopers are space based which is a slight departure from the usual military themes the Mega Bloks CoD sets have (though not as much of a departure as their Zombie sets)


CoD Space Icarus 02 Instructions

CoD Space Icarus 03 Instructions

The instructions are a single sheet of paper since most of your “block building” will be putting the figures together


CoD Space Icarus 04 Figure

Four of the five figures in this set are disassembled and in their own sealed baggies. For the most part, it’s not too hard putting the figures together, though the knees can be tricky, especially the right leg which has a painful peg jutting out the side of it.


CoD Space Icarus 05 Figure

Once you get the base figures assembled, you should have 3 figures in white suits and two in light grey suits. All five of the figures are the same sculpt (I believe the base body is the same in most of the Call of Duty sets, but don’t quote me on that as this is my first set)


CoD Space Icarus 06 Figure

As I just mentioned, this is my first Call of Duty Mega Bloks set so I was rather surprised at the amount of articulation in these tiny figures.

They have:
Ball Jointed Necks
Swivel/Hinge Shoulders & Elbows
Swivel Wrists & Waist
Ball Jointed Hips
Hinged Knees

This is more articulation than any other Mega Bloks figure I have ever had and on par if not more than most of the “Action Figures” you find at retail these days.


CoD Space Icarus 07 Accessories

Each figure comes with a vest, front pouch piece and backpack. Again, these are all the same sculpt and have a nice spacesuit feel to them. Most of the parts have the basic two colors of white and grey, but the front pouch parts can be found in four different main colors (The vests all have slightly different painted details)


CoD Space Icarus 08 Accessories

When the figures have all the suit accessories on, the overall look is what you’d expect for an astronaut. The vest and backpacks thankfully don’t restrict most of the articulation. The head’s movement is slightly hindered, but it’s not enough to be a problem.


CoD Space Icarus 09 Guns

There are 5 guns also included in this set. At first glance it seems odd that they’re multi-colored, but that’s because all of the guns are fully modular!

CoD Space Icarus 10 Guns

The stocks, barrels, silencers, scopes and even magazines can be removed and switched around to allow you to have 5 guns that are solid colored

CoD Space Icarus 11 Guns

The only issue I’ve found with doing this is that a couple of the parts don’t fit as well in all of the guns (The silver barrel and small magazine in the sniper rifle fall out easily in some of the gun bodies)


CoD Space Icarus 13 Guns

The modular aspect of the guns also allows you to give the figures different/shorter versions of the weapons.


CoD Space Icarus 12 Guns

The guns fit well in the figures’ hands and since they have great arm articulation, you can pull of fairly decent poses with the rifles.


CoD Space Icarus 14 Guns

The larger gun magazines all have a square hole in them to allow you to connect them to the Icarus Troopers’ right leg or on either side of the top of their backpack. If you remove the front pouch, you can use the two pegs on the chest to hold more magazines.


CoD Space Icarus 15 Flags

Both factions of Icarus Troopers have either an American flag or the Federation of the Americas Insignia/Flag on their shoulder and backpack.


CoD Space Icarus 16 Satellite

The rest of the parts in the set make a small satellite and a display base with three clear rods. Two of the rods have a simple L shaped piece that can be plugged on the end and these can be used to attach to the hole on the middle of the figure’s backpack. The third rod has a piece that can attach to the satellite to allow it to swivel vertically.

CoD Space Icarus 17 Satellite

I really like the inclusion of the clear rods as that makes this a cool display piece simulating outer space conditions with your figures

CoD Space Icarus 18 Satellite


I really only got this set because I wanted to use the figures with another toy, but I kinda regret not grabbing any of these Call of Duty figures earlier. The articulation is second to none in the building block category and the build of this set shows that the designers had fun and imagination in mind. If you’ve never bought any of these sets, I don’t think you can go wrong with this one. Fun set, army builder and at the price of $15, it comes out cheaper than most single blind bag figures from other companies.

CoD Space Icarus 19 Title