Calexit #2 – Review

When the first issue of Calexit hit, It was another really good comic from Black Mask Studios. Writer Matteo Pizzolo also wears his politics on his sleeve in the first issue. He wove that message about an administration feared to become tyrannical with a compelling story. That drove me to dive into the second issue when it dropped into my inbox.

calexit 2CALEXIT #2

Written by: Matteo Pizzolo
Illustrated by: Amancay Nahuelpan
Colored by: Tyler Boss
Lettered by: Jim Campbell

48 pages | $3.99

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Zora and Jamil are faced with some harsh choices, a few roid raging Neo-Nazis, & not much water…But Disneyland has churro ice cream sandwiches so it’s kinda all worth it. California Über Alles.

The first issue came across as bleak and dark. The tone in this issue is still dark, and very violent. Pizzolo really takes a couple of pulls at heart strings, but ends this issue with an attempt to round out a character that had been more two-dimensional. Pizzolo’s story here is easier to follow than the first issue was, and the characters are easier to follow and care about.

The art matches the story. There have been comics where the art style didn’t match the story. Yes, I’m looking at you, old Vertigo comics. Nahuelpan is very good about using the look in character’s eyes to convey unspoken elements in the story. He gets the likeness of Steve Bannon down with the character of Eddie O’Barr. He manages to get the likeness down without making it a caricature. Tyler Boss enhances the art with his coloring. He uses color themes for each scene. Those themes work to give transition within the story. His work stands out the most among the creators, and in this book, that’s a huge complement.

Final rating: 8.5 (out of 10)

I like this issue much more than the first one. I worry about the politics being so obviously displayed. Pizzolo does look to be trying to make the characters more well-rounded though, which is refreshing to see.

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