Last month, Image Comics announced the Sex Criminals #Brimpersketch contest.Using the second printing of Sex Criminals #11, participants would fill in the blank faces of creators Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky and then post them on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #brimpersketch. Browsing through Twitter, there were some fantastic entries, but winners have been announced, with the winner, Twitter user @soulsandra gettingpersonalized copies of THE WICKED & THE DIVINE #2, JUST THE TIPS, and BIG HARD SEX CRIMINALS.

Here’s the press release with the first, second and third place entries.


After much deliberation, Fraction and Zdarsky have revealed the winner

Image Comics is pleased to announce the winners of the #BrimperSketch contest celebrating the second printing of SEX CRIMINALS #11 by writer Matt Fraction and artist Chip Zdarsky.

“Rainbow Faces” took first place in the contest with “Buscemi Faces” a close second and “Brimpception Redux” in third.

“RAINBOW FACES is the winner!” Zdarsky declared. “It subverts your expectations around ‘faces’ and also increased the price of our comic to $3,500.”

SEX CRIMINALS #12 (Diamond Code MAY150540) is available in stores now. Suzie and Jon continue the worst recruitment plan in the history of entertaining second-act montage sequences. Getting the band together never had so many fluids.

SEX CRIMINALS #13 (Diamond Code JUN150555) hits stores on October 14th. A XXX variant cover by Katie Cook will also be available with Diamond Code JUL150614.



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