Brian Michael Bendis Teases DC Millennium

All week on Instagram, Brian Michael Bendis has been teasing something called DC Millennium. Early in the week, it started with some teasing images for Legion of Super-Heroes and OMAC. Bendis has teased Legion of Super-Heroes  since the beginning of the year, but the Jim Cheung OMAC was a new subject for him to tease. It was also with the OMAC image that he started using the #DCMillennium hashtag. The earliest speculation became that DC Millennium was going to feature characters from DC’s future.

Then it followed with some teasing with panel to panel artwork for Batman Beyond and something that looked like an apocalyptic wasteland complete with an abandoned Superman cape, reminiscent of the cover of Superman #75. It was beginning to look like DC Millennium would have something to do with the future of the DC Universe. Speculation  for the apocalyptic wasteland was that it resembled the Great Disaster from Jack Kirby’s Kamandi.

Today we got a shot of a future cityscape, looking like something out of manga. Finally, we get a future museum featuring a Supergirl hologram. It seemed reminiscent of the Space Museum, and then someone noticed that the man in the foreground was Jon Michael Carter, aka Booster Gold. We also learned that the Justice Society of America would be returning in September’s Justice League #31. Writer Scott Snyder even gave an interview with Newsarama to confirm this. The strong rumor around Doomsday Clock has been that it would end with the JSA and the Legion being returned to the DC Universe. If the JSA is coming back, is the Legion not far behind?

What Actually Is DC Millennium?

The question now comes as to what DC Millennium actually will be. Will it be a single series exploring the future of the DC Universe? Could it be the name of a line of comics, ala Wonder Comics, consisting of titles featuring different future eras? It remains to be seen exactly what it will be. It definitely has fans interest piqued.