Brian Michael Bendis Goes Exclusive With DC

The news broke with a tweet from DC Comics that writer Brian Michael Bendis would be working for DC Comics. Bendis had been one of the driving creative voices at Marvel Comics for almost two decades. In 2000, he started writing Ultimate Spider-Man, which he wrote for 133 issues, creating along the way the popular Spider-Man, Miles Morales. He also created Jessica Jones for the mini-series Alias, which helped add a more mature element to the Marvel Universe, which has carried over into not only other comic titles, but the Marvel Netflix series. He also was the writer of Marvel events like Secret Invasion, Siege, Age of Ultron, Avengers vs. X-Men, and Civil War II. It can be argued that he was one of the driving forces behind the increased diversity of Marvel’s characters, creating an African-American/Hispanic Spider-Man, bring Iceman out of the closet, and creating a teenage girl Iron Man in Riri Williams.

In a telephone interview with NY Times columnist George Gene Gustines, the move comes not from any animosity with Marvel, but a sense that the writer could possibly be repeating himself. DC reached out to him at the right time, and he seized upon the opportunity to work on characters that he loves. In social media, Bendis has expressed love for those characters, “trying to break down that Marvel vs. DC craziness that some fans have.”

There is no news yet when Bendis’s first DC work or last Marvel work will be published.