Breaking Bad Pink Teddy Bear Eye Keychain

Mezco continues the Breaking Bad merchandise machine with a new collectible; The Pink Teddy Bear Eye Limited Edition keychain. This is the final season of this massively popular show so make sure you snag this piece. Keep reading for the full press release. 

Mezco Releases Breaking Bad: The Pink Teddy Bear Eye Limited Edition Keychain

New York-

Mezco proudly presents one of the most mysterious and unusual icons of Breaking Bad; The Pink Teddy Bear Eye.

Mezco’s life size keychain replicates the eye of The Pink Teddy Bear as seen in numerous episodes.

The full size replica keychain stares up at  you…silently watching…judging…waiting.

This limited edition item is only available on and at Mezco’s New York Comic Con booth, #1855, while supplies last.

The current whereabouts of the eye are unknown.

Show the world you’re a Breaking Bad fan; use a Breaking Bad: The Pink Teddy Bear Eye Limited Edition Keychain on your keys or backpack.

Each eyeball keychain features an informative hangtag and is a limited edition available only at Mezco NY Comic Con booth #1855 or at

Addition eyeball facts:



The Pink Teddy Bear fell into Walter White’s swimming pool during the Wayfarere 515 aircraft explosion. The aircraft was a 747, coincidentally, $747,000.00 was the amount Walter initially set out to raise.  During the incident the Pink Teddy Bear lost an eye, which Walter kept.

We first met the Pink Teddy Bear in the Fallacies music video for Jesse’s band Twaught Hammer.  We also see the Pink Teddy Bear falling from the sky in the mural painted on Jane’s wall behind her bed.  When Walt walks, naked, into a Hi-Lo Mart, the bear is seen for sale in a display of plush toys.

Later, the twin assassins find the eyeball in Walter’s suitcase and eventually Skyler finds it in a drawer in Walt’s apartment.

The damage to the Pink Teddy Bear (half burned face, missing eye) foreshadows the demise of Gus Fring later in the series.

Perhaps ominously, Walt’s baby at one point wears a pink teddy bear outfit.

The current whereabouts of the eye are unknown.

NOTE: The Pink Teddy Bear is also seen in a tree(!) in the recent episode RABID DOG.



there is a great quote from Vince Gilligan here:


he says


The teddy bear eyeball that Walt found in his swimming pool is symbolic. It’s very, very symbolic. However, I’m not sure I can tell you with 100% certainty of what the symbolism is, what it represents…On the face of it, when we were coming up with that eye as an image, it probably, represented some form of the eye of the universe, the eye of god, the eye of morality, I suppose judging Walter White…And so symbolism like the eyeball, I’m not sure what it means to me completely but I’m always interested in hearing what it means to viewers of the show. I guess if you’re going to hold my feet to the fire, what it means to me is the eye of God on Walt. If not necessarily judging him, nonetheless watching him, keeping tabs on him. And then the question: If that is what the symbolism stands for, then why does Walt keep that eye? Why does he keep it in his drawer versus discarding it?

―Vince Gilligan



FUN FACT: The original Pink Teddy Bear (sans eye) is in The Museum Of The Moving Image in Queens!

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