Boss Fight Vitruvian Hacks Kickstarter Update!

We here at Needless Essentials Online wanted to give everyone an update on where Boss Fight StudiosVitruvian Hacks Kickstarter is at and where it can still go.


As of right now there are 597 backers who have pledged $135,451! There are still 23 days to go before the end of the Kickstarter but we’ve already gotten 4 stretch goals unlocked (and had a new one added to be unlocked!) These unlocked stretch goals can be purchased by the backers who pledged the $115 “Wave 1 pledge level”  The backers who pledged the $500 “All In pledge level” will automatically receive the unlocked stretch goals.


Unlocked 01 Pre Curse Medusa

Pre Curse Medusa was the first stretch goal to be unlocked when the Kickstarter hit $90,000


Unlocked 02 Athenian Green Gorgon

At $105,000 The first of wave 2 was unlocked: The Athenian Warrior & Green Snake Gorgon!


Unlocked 03 Eldest Underworld

Just 3 days ago the rest of Wave 2 was unlocked including the Underworld Warrior and the Eldest Gorgon Sister, Stheno!


700 Contributor Amazon Warrior

Due to fan demand, Boss Fight Studios added a whole new stretch goal figure….A Female Amazon Warrior! This stretch goal is not unlocked yet, but will become available when the Kickstarter gets 700 backers. That’s just 103 people who need to pledge at least $1 each (Though I would at least pledge $30 to get one of the awesome Wave 1 figures) The Amazon Warrior will be $25 like many of the other single figure stretch goals.


Vituvian Stretch Goal Blank 01

Vituvian Stretch Goal Blank 02

The set of four single color blank figures are just $64 away from being unlocked!

While writing this update, the Blank figures were unlocked!


During the Kickstarter, Boss Fight Studios has been teasing the next series of Vitruvian Hacks, The Fantasy series! I must admit, when I fist heard about the Fantasy series, I thought about Lord of the Rings style figures and thought they might be kinda boring…..I was definitely wrong! The Fantasy series looks more like an updated version of the classic Dungeons and Dragons toyline from the 80’s! We already showed you the control art for the Male Half Orc. Now BFS has shown off artwork for Knights and a Female Half Orc!

S2 Knights

S2 Female Half Orc



And that’s all we have for today’s update on the Vitruvian Hacks Kickstarter. While writing this update, there were two more backers and the Single Color Blank Bodies set of 4 were unlocked! Congratulations to Boss Fight Studios on yet another stretch goal being unlocked!

To pledge to this awesome kickstarter click here —> Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter