Boss Fight Vitruvian Hacks Kickstarter Update #4 One Day left!

There are only 24 hours left in Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian HACKS Kickstarter and there has been a big shakeup……NEW STRETCH GOALS!

With one day left, 5 more stretch goals have been unlocked and Boss Fight Studio just added four new stretch goals to the list!


Unlocked 01 Ghosts of the Battlefield

To start off, shortly after our last update the “Ghosts of the Battlefield” Glow in the Dark 2 pack was unlocked (This is one I was anxiously waiting on as I love Glow in the Dark toys)


Unlocked 02 Silver Acc Pack

Unlocked 03 Fire Acc Pack

Unlocked 04 Black Acc Pack

Next up, the three different accessory packs were unlocked. The Silver set was at $260,000, Fire was unlocked at $265,000 and finally the Black accessory set became available at the $270,000 mark! Each of these accessory packs can be added on to the $115 (or higher) pledge for $10 each


That brings us to the goal that was just unlocked a couple of hours ago……SKELETONS!

Unlocked 05 Skeleton

That right! The Vitruvian HACKS Kickstarter is over 290,000! Unlike the other Greek stretch goal figures, the Skeleton can be added on for only $15

As of this writing there are 947 backers pledging a total of $297,744!


Unlocked 06 Bone Acc Pack

The next stretch goal to be unlocked will be the Bone colored Accessory Pack at the $300,000 level ( That’s just $2256 away!)

After that is the (once final) stretch goal, Stone Fist The Gorgon Hunter!

Vitruvian KS Stretch 05 Stone Fist

Many fans have been hoping Stone Fist would get unlocked before the end of the Kickstarter and with just over $17,000 to go, it’s very possible we’ll see him get unlocked! (Especially since they’ve gotten $3,000 while I’ve been writing this article!) Stone Fist is at the $315,000 level and can be added on for only$25 when unlocked.


After they hit the $290,000 mark, Boss Fight Studio added 4 more Stretch Goals:


Stretch 325000 Black Skeleton

The Black Skeleton is at the $325,000 level and just like the other Skeleton, it can be added on for $15 when unlocked.


Stretch 330000 Ghost Light Armor

The Ghost Light Armor will be unlocked at the $330,000 level and like the other accessory packs it will only cost $10 to be added on once unlocked. This Glow in the Dark set would be great to add some variety to the Ghosts 2 pack or to add some “Spectral” Armor or Weapons to your corporeal figures.


Stretch 340000 Hades Agent Skeleton

At $340,000 we get a 3rd Skeleton! The Hades Agent Skeleton appears to be made of translucent purple plastic adding a ghost like quality to it.


Stretch 345000 Unearthly Green Acc Pack

The final added stretch goal is the 5th Accessory Pack! The Unearthly Green set is neon green and just like the other sets, it will clothe and arm two full figures!

It seems Boss Fight Studio wasn’t lying at the beginning of this Kickstarter when they said “There are no limits” as we’ve seen almost all of the original stretch goals get unlocked only to have even more added throughout the entire campaign.


Since our last update Boss Fight Studio has also posted a few more work in progress pictures of their hand painted samples including the Green Snake Gorgon and the Underworld Warrior

WIP Green Snake Paint 01

WIP Green Snake Paint 02

WIP Green Snake Paint 03

WIP Green Snake Paint 04

WIP Green Snake Paint 05

WIP Underworld Paint


If you haven’t yet pledged to this Kickstarter, you better hurry! There are awesome toys getting unlocked and precious little time left to grab them!

Click here within the next 24 hours to pledge —> Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter