Boss Fight Vitruvian Hacks Kickstarter Update #2

With less than two weeks left in the Boss Fight Vitruvian Hacks Kickstarter, we wanted to give you another update on what’s happened since our last update

As of this writing, the Vitruvian Hacks Kickstarter has gained 734 backers pledging $177,358 of their $75,000 original goal. There’s only 11 days left to pledge so if you’re waiting for the perfect time to contribute, this is it!

Three more stretch goals have been unlocked, the first one is Wave 3 King Leonidas & the Gorgon Army Black Racer

Unlocked 01 Leonidas Black Racer


The brand new Female Amazon Warrior was unlocked when we reached 700 backers

Unlocked 02 Female Amazon Warrior


The last stretch goal unlocked happened when the Kickstarter reached $165,000. This is the wave 3.5 Myrmidon Warrior & the Youngest Gorgon Sister, Eurayle!

Unlocked 03 Myrmidon Eurayle

At this point the $500 All-In pledge gets you 21 figures (along with a Boss Fight Shirt and art print) that comes out to about $23 per figure (or $21 per item if you include the T-Shirt and poster)


There’s less than $3,000 to go before the next stretch goal is unlocked! At $180,000 four more custom blank figures will be unlocked including blue and brown Male bodies and black and red Female bodies.


Since out last update, Boss Fight Studio has teased us with more artwork of their Series 2 Fantasy figures. The first one we’ve been treated to is Shadowcast: Psionic Warrior

S2 Shadowcast Psionic Warrior


We’ve also seen a Human “Dragon Harvester”

S2 Human Dragon Harvester

and a Half-Orc Mage figure!

S2 Mage


All of these figures look great and appear to have some awesome accessories included with them. The Fantasy line is shaping up to be one of the best toylines I’ve seen in a very long time!

Boss Fight also held a Q&A on Twitter recently, a few of the tidbits of info included a bit of a timeline for the release of the Greek Mythology figures.
Kickstarter contributors will receive their figures first, then about a month later Wave 1 will be released to general public and the plan is to release Wave 2 a month after Wave 1 (Wave 2 will be merged with Wave 2.5 and released together)


We’ve also gotten a closer look at the Series 3 “Space Adventure” themed Space girl!

S3 Space Girl

This is the theme I originally was most excited about and thus far I’m not disappointed in the least! The Space Girl looks like she stepped right out of an old 50’s Sci-Fi serial with her flight pack, ray gun and bubble helmet.

That’s it for this update, The Vitruvian Hacks Kickstarter is chugging right along and the future of this toy line looks brighter than ever!

To pledge to this awesome kickstarter click here —> Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter