Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Kickstarter is LIVE!

Mark your calender folks, today history is made as the fine folks of Boss Fight Studios launched their highly anticipated Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. kickstarter campaign! You might not know these guys but trust me, if you’re a toy collector you have seen their work! These guys are responsible for some of the best sculpts from many different action figure lines such as G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Marvel and many more! We know these guys and trust me, you want to support this line! Check out this embedded video and offer your support today!


The Kickstarter gives us a few unknown details about the toyline. First off we get to see how the figures will be packaged

Vitruvian KS 01 Package


We also see how the figures are assembled which gives us a greater idea of their articulation. What’s even better is Boss Fight mentions how this toyline was made with customizers in mind. Apparently you can take the figure apart easily to swap body parts with other Vitruvian Hacks figures. It appears there is one screw that can be removed from the waist while the other joints can just slide apart.

Vitruvian KS 02 Assembly 01

Vitruvian KS 02 Assembly 02


We also get to see many of different poses these figures can achieve

Vitruvian KS 03 Poseability


Now on to the rewards for this Kickstarter, The $25 and up pledges can get you either a Boss Fight T-Shirt or an Art Print by Adam Riches

Vitruvian KS 04 Art Print


$30 or more nets you one of the four basic figures, Medusa, Spartan, Stone Spartan or the Gorgon

Vitruvian KS 06 Wave 1 Medusa

Vitruvian KS 05 Wave 1 Spartan

Vitruvian KS 07 Wave 1 Gorgon


There are levels at $45, $60 & $85 that include various groups of figures paired with an Art Print. Some of the figures in these levels include exclusives like the Bronze Spartan & Celestial Two Pack we previously posted about.

The $115 pledge level is the full wave of four figures and the Art Print. This is the lowest level that also allows you to purchase any of the stretch goals.

There are also Army Builder pledges that will net you 10 of the following figures (Spartan, Stone Spartan & Coral Snake Gorgon)

Along with the higher up pledges that include every figure or all the army builders there are the pledges with very special rewards such as a custom headsculpt of the pledger, Resin Hard Copies of the different figures, an army of 300 Spartans or even your likeness on a full production figure in a future Vitruvian Hacks assortment!


Now for the stretch goals, many of the early stretch goals include wave 2 figures we saw previously like Pre-Curse Medusa, Stheno & the Underworld Warrior.


$135,000 unlocks some of the blank Male and Female basic figures, while $150,000 starts unlocking the Wave 3 figures. All of the Greek Mythology figures in the stretch goals are $25 each and the blank figures are only $15 each.


$255,000 unlocks a stretch goal after my own heart, a “Ghosts of the Battlefield” Glow in the Dark two pack! Since this is a two pack it will be priced at $50

Vitruvian KS Stretch 01 GID Spartan

Vitruvian KS Stretch 02 GID Gorgon


$270,000 and up is where we start to see Accessory Packs for the Vitruvian Hacks figures. The Accessory Packs will be only $10 each.

Vitruvian KS Stretch 03 Accessory Pack


$300,000 gets us a fully articulated Skeleton for only $15!

Vitruvian KS Stretch 04 Skeleton


The final Stretch Goal is Stone Fist the Gorgon Hunter! He gets unlocked at the $325,000 level and will only cost $25 each.

Vitruvian KS Stretch 05 Stone Fist