Boss Fight Has A Question For you…..And It Concerns 300 Spartans

Boss Fight has proposed a major question for the fan base. Would you guys get behind a Mega pack of 300 Spartans (well 299 Spartans and possibly 1 Leonidas)? Honestly they are just gauging interest and nothing is definite by no means. If this did happen it would be the largest figure collection EVER offered and I can promise you this, it would be one hell of a sight. Let them know what you think via their official Face Book page.

Just out of curiosity and making absolutely no promises, we’ve received several inquiries about a pack of 300 Spartans (possibly 1 Leonidas and 299 Spartans). How many people would SERIOUSLY consider buying an option like this at a slight discount over buying them individually? They could be moderately less-expensive because they wouldn’t have to be individually packaged. It’s been brought up a lot, but mostly in jest, so we’re trying to gauge ACTUAL interest in a mega-pack like this. For this hypothetical situation, assume that the figures, individually, would cost somewhere from $15 – $25.