Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA FiguartsZERO Green Ranger

Bluefin Tamashii Nations will be releasing a FiguartsZero Green Ranger to the US market. Look for the Green Ranger at any US affiliated Bluefin retailer. The listed price for this figure will be $51.99

From the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the release of the great Green Ranger! He is the first Ranger to make his debut in the FiguartsZERO statue series, portrayed in splendid detail from his armor down to the vivid green coloring in the dynamically cracked earth display base.

Green Ranger is impressively posed, holding his trusty Dragon Dagger as a flute just as he summons the mighty Dragonzord! This Tamashii Web Exclusive has been created with the U.S. market in mind and will be available through U.S. affiliated Bluefin retailers!

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