Blog Highlight: Pre-Rub Sign Jazz Review

Our friend over at Collecting Cybertron has written a new review of an old G1 Transformer. This time it’s a rare version of the Autobot Jazz: the pre-rub sign version. What is that? Well, in the initial release of the Transformers way back in the 1980’s Hasbro simply had the toys with either their Autobot or Decepticon factions symbol on them.


When the toys became a success, knock-offs became rampant, mostly due to the fact that the original diaclone versions of these toys had been released years before. The fact that TM and copyright laws didn’t apply to these figures due to Hasbro using the Diaclone franchise meant that they couldn’t sue the companies profiting from selling the knock-offs as something similar to Transformers.

In order to combat this, Hasbro quickly switched to a rubsign on their next release of the figures. This was their way to ensure that people would buy “legit” transformers as the rub sign was marketed as the seal of authenticity.


So , what are his thoughts on the Special Ops officer from before the rub sign era? Find out at the link provided.