Best Lock Stargate SG-1 Jack on Abydos set

Best Lock has gained a few licenses for their building block sets, one of which is Stargate Sg-1. Today we’re looking at the “Jack on Abydos” set.


Stargate Blocks 01 Package

The set comes in a bag with graphics showing off the completed set inside a Stargate.


Stargate Blocks 02 Package

The bag includes a ziplock feature so don’t cut too low on the bag when you open it.


Stargate Blocks 03 Paperwork

When you open the bag, you’ll see all the parts are loose inside and there are 3 sets of instructions, a sticker for the DHD and a paper simulation of the active Stargate iris. The paper iris is a little tricky to insert while building the set, but it helps if you don’t try to make it fit perfectly (This will be an ongoing theme with the set)


Stargate Blocks 04 Jack

Here’s the figure of Jack O’Neill. It is tan overall with a painted vest, sculpted hair and a painted face. I do not believe the hair piece is removable, but it may have just been very tight on my figure.


Stargate Blocks 05 Jack Head

Jack has a combination of the rounded Lego style head with sculpted details like the Mega Bloks style head. The printed details make the nose seem off


Stargate Blocks 06 Gun

Jack comes with a sculpted gun


Stargate Blocks 07 Ring

The inner ring of the Stargate is composed of four pieces with painted Glyphs on it. It appears to be very accurate too as I recognize many of those glyphs from the movie and TV show.


Stargate Blocks 08 Set

The complete set is composed of three main pieces


Stargate Blocks 09 DHD

The DHD (Dial Home Device) has a sticker with all the Glyphs on it


Stargate Blocks 10 Malp

The drone (called M.A.L.P. on the show, but the instructions for the set call it MALF)


Stargate Blocks 11 Stargate

The Stargate. This is the main piece and is the only real reason to buy this set. It’s a pretty good representation and allows the inner ring to be rotated around the Stargate.


Stargate Blocks 12 Stargate Back

Here is the back of it showing the paper insert. You must put the paper insert into the Stargate while building it. So if you want to remove the iris, you must disassemble the set.


Stargate Blocks 13 Stargate Connector

The main drawback to this piece is that the whole Stargate is attached by one small section of a block on the base. This makes it prone to detach if forcibly moved.


Stargate Blocks 14 Minimates

What’s very nice about this set is that it works with many other smaller figures like Minimates….


Stargate Blocks 15 Dr Who

….Character Building Doctor Who……


Stargate Blocks 16 Halo

…and Mega Bloks Halo figures.


Stargate Blocks 17 GI Joe


Unfortunately it does not work well with 3 3/4″ (or taller) figures.


So is this a must buy set? While the quality of Best Lock bricks are still fairly poor and random (I only had one part on the Malf that falls off easily) I would still say this is a good set to buy (especially if you are a fan of Stargate) I got this set at Target for $4.99 last night (Although I usually have only seen a Deathglider set, this is the first Abydos set I have seen) The figure is maybe good for customs, I plan on not using it at all. My main goal in buying this set was to have a Stargate and at $4.99 it was a deal for me.