Best Comics Of 2017 – Part One – Kim & Kim: Love Is A Battlefield

Instead of fake awards, and highlighting news for the past year, which seemed to consist almost entirely of people complaining online about one thing or another. Instead of trying to come up with lists of things that I enjoyed, which will most likely embarrass me to look at in a few years, I’m going to hit on a few things from the past year that I thought were worth looking back on with some fondness.

These are the best of 2017.

Black Mask Studios still produces some damn fine comics. I really liked Calexit, but the comic that constantly had me enjoying sitting down to read comics was Kim & Kim Vol. 2. Just in time for Christmas, it’s even been collected. I might even like it better than the first series, if for no reason than the ending the Fighting Kims get from dealing with their romantic pasts. I even had a moment of Squee when I realize that they have a ringtone assigned for each other, the most metal love song ever.

This comic is the perfect blend. It’s the Vanilla Frappacino for me of comics. It makes me feel so good about reading it that I will gladly share some of the most absurd passages and talk about how fun it seems. It also takes the characters from the first series and show their growth and lack of growth at the same time. It completely gets across how easy it is to fall back into old patterns than deal with why you tried to move on from them. It works on a level that is relatable even if you’re not normally into science fiction featuring LGBTQ bounty hunters. 

The best part is that just recently, the collection of this series arrived in comics shops. Head down and pick one up, or order it online. It is one of the best comics this year and worth checking out.

KIM & KIM Vol. 2: Love Is A Battlefield

Writer: Magdalene Visaggio
Artist: Eva Cabrera
Cover:Tess Fowler

Your favorite badass interstellar bounty hunting duo, down on their luck, scraping to make rent, hooking up with space ruffians, fighting against robots and gorilla-monsters, are BACK in a new collected volume!

Fresh on the heels of their back-to-back 2017 Eisner Award and GLAAD Award nominations for the 2016 smash KIM & KIM: This Glamorous, High-Flying Rock Star Life, the entire original Kim & Kim creative team rejoined forces for their next great adventure KIM & KIM: Love Is A Battlefield.

Taking place three years after volume 1, the Kims are a little bit older but not too much wiser as they continue to crack jokes while they crack skulls, always chasing down the next bounty to pay for their fabulous wardrobes, intergalactic bar crawls, and steady diets of Thing-O-Soup.

The original creative team of writer Magdalene Visaggio, illustrator Eva Cabrera, and colorist Claudia Aguirre have crafted an all-new adventure, channeling the glitter and glory we love from Kim & Kim volume 1 into a smart, heartfelt adventure about young queer love, dysfunctional families, and unbreakable friendship.

Preview Pages:
(edited for profanity)