BBTS Has New Pre-Orders Live for Aegis Sentinel

Okay here is the deal. BBTS has pre-orders live for a 3rd Party Omega Supreme. He will be sold in 2 parts and the combined price is $470 and he will top out at 22″ tall. He is a monster and honestly, I thought the price would be much higher. The shipping in 2 parts makes sense but you must order part A and part B to build this figure. Rest assured Hasbro nor Takara will not produce an Omega Supreme in this size. 

FT-20A Aegis Sentinel A


FT-20B Aegis Sentinel B

fts10039-1 fts10039

Aegis Sentinel (A), along with Aegis Sentinel (B) (sold separately), make up the giant combiner robot Terminus Giganticus. Aegis Sentinel (A) makes up the torso and wings in robot mode and parts of the track and buggy in battle station mode.

When combined Terminus Giganticus stands 21.50 inches (55cm) tall from head to toe in robot mode and 24.80 inches (63cm) to the tip of his wings.

15109386_10100703827800972_2205456485608251186_n fts10038-2 fts10038