Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond Review

The Basic Batman 3 3/4″ line has a new wave starting to hit stores and we’ve got one of the figures from the line, Batman Beyond!


Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond 01

This wave of the figures has “Unlimited” added to the Batman logo and they each come with an animal accessory. I assume this is to tie into the upcoming Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts animated video.


Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond 02

Like all of the other figures in this line, Batman Beyond has the same body sculpt as the other Batmen with a new belt and head.


Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond 03

It appears this figure is the same Batman Beyond figure that is included with the large 7 figure gift set at Toys R Us.


Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond 04

Also like all of the figures in this line, there’s only 9 points of articulation, Swivel Neck, Shoulders & Hips and Hinged Elbows & Knees. This does limit the poseability of the figure a bit.


Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond 05

Batman Beyond comes with a Capture Bat accessory. The bat has a handle on the tail and the wings can swivel open and closed to “capture” enemies I suppose.

Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond 06


Honestly I think this accessory is a missed opportunity in that they made a bat accessory to become some grappling claw thing instead of just making it attach to the figure’s back and give him wings

Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond 09

This is a much better use of the added accessory and really would only require a clip system or peg with a hole in the figure’s back. You could still use it as some oversized claw device or you could give Batman Beyond one of his signature looks…..wings


Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond 07

Batman Beyond stands a little shorter than the 3 3/4″ DC Multiverse figures, course if you think of this as a teenager standing next to an adult, the size difference could possibly be explained away.


Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond 08

This may not be the most poseable figure and it has the stylized proportions that is common for this particular line, but so far it’s the only 3 3/4″ Batman Beyond figure produced and thankfully is now single packed so you don’t have to spend $50 to get one (Though technically, that would be just barely cheaper than buying the single one if you cut $50 seven ways)

This figure is probably more for the Batman Beyond collectors than it is for general Batman fans as this figure falls more into the “at least we got something in this scale” category rather than the “This is the figure I’ve been waiting for” category. At least it does fit in well with other Batman Beyond figures

Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond 10