Batman Unlimited Batman Beyond 12 Inch Review

Mattel surprised me with this release last week, a Batman Beyond 12 Inch figure! Another Batman Beyond figure so soon Mattel? Why yes, I’ll gladly buy it and review it! Read on to find out all about this new figure.


Batman Beyond 12 inch 01

Packaged like Hasbro’s Marvel Titan Hero line, Batman Beyond is in a thin rectangular window box.

Batman Beyond 12 inch 02

The side and back of the box show full figure pictures and this is what caught my eye at Target as I was hurrying past the aisle. I saw a full picture of Batman Beyond on the edge of the box as it stuck out from all of the other toys so bravo to the package designer, you caught my eye!


Batman Beyond 12 inch 03

The figure has the basic Batman Beyond appearance and once out of the box you can already see it’s one step better than the Titan Hero figures as the arms have much better articulation. The body appears to be the same sculpt as the regular Batman 12 inch figure as the abs and biceps have the same sculpting details that aren’t normally seen on a Batman Beyond figure. It appears the head and belt are new along with the legs.


Batman Beyond 12 inch 04

The headsculpt has a good face though I think the mouth may need to be painted. I do wish the ears were a little longer, but that’s a minor quibble.


Batman Beyond 12 inch 05

Going back to that arm articulation, you can see here that there are swivel/hinge joints on both the shoulders & elbows, plus the wrists rotate! Given the state of retail 12 inch superhero figures lately, I thought this kind of articulation had gone the way of the Dodo so I’m ecstatic to see it here now.


Batman Beyond 12 inch 06

Unfortunately, the legs are where the articulation drops off. The hips have swivel/hinge joints, but that’s the last bit of articulation in the leg. The rest of the leg is a straight piece with no knee articulation. this can cause a problem for dynamic poses, but works ok for poses where Batman is kicking.

Batman Beyond 12 inch 07


The pictures here may not show off the scale very well, so here is a picture with most of the Batman Beyond figures I currently have. You can see how this new Batman Beyond 12 inch figure towers over almost every figure.

Batman Beyond 12 inch 08


This figure is a great kid’s toy really. It’s lightweight, large and has a decent amount of articulation. Though I really would have been happy losing the wrist articulation if it got us knee articulation. The sculpt is nice and represents Batman Beyond well. Kids will like it I believe and I really think with some extra articulation, collectors would be on board with it also.

For what this figure is, Mattel has impressed me. You get a nicely detailed figure that is the same size and price point as the Hasbro Titan Hero figures ($9.99) but you get 4 more points of articulation with Mattel’s Batman Unlimited 12 inch figures. I really was not expecting the arm articulation that is on this figure, that alone made this a happy purchase….lack of knee articulation brought my review score down quite a bit, but I still want to give Mattel kudos for this figure, you’re on the right path.