Batman & King Shark 12″ Two Pack Review

Today we’re looking at the Batman & King Shark two pack from Spin Masters. Join us as we bust out these giant tweleve inch figures!

This is a Target exclusive two pack. According to Target’s website, the King Shark figure is the exclusive here so I assume the Batman figure may be available elsewhere. The packaging is a giant window box/card. You can see just about every part of the figures in the front window and the back is mostly artwork of both characters fighting. Since the four inch figures have trading cards built into the packaging, you could almost view the back of the package as a giant trading card.


King Shark is a bulky looking figure. These are the kind of proportions you want with a giant creature like this. He’s in his New 52 appearance with the Hammerhead styled head and torn blue jeans. The body is well sculpted with the type of scars you’d expect to see on a giant shark creature.

The head is well sculpted but unfortuantely it’s part of the body and not a seperate piece. This means there’s no head movement at all. 


King Shark has an underwhelming five points of articulation. He has swivel-hinge shoulders, swivel wrists and a swivel waist. The waist down is basically a single hollow piece.


Batman appears to be in some stealth tech styled Batsuit. It’s mostly black and dark blue with armored looking gauntlets and boots. The body sculpting looks to be the same style as the four inch Rebirth Tactical Batman figure with sculpted rivets on teh chest and legs. Batman has a cloth cape coming out from under the neck/shoulder piece of the body.


The head sculpt is very nice looking. The face has a stern look to it and the line detailing on the cowl looks good.


Batman has a very nice amount of articulation. Eleven points in total! Ball Joint Neck, Swivel-Hinge Shoulders, Elbows and Hips, Swivel Wrists and Hinge Knees. While the ball jointed neck will allow Batman to look down, the head sculpt keeps it from looking up. The rest of the articulation works well and allows you to pose Batman in a few variaous poses. The only issue I have is there’s no waist articulation.



Spin Master’s 12″ Batman is very comparable to Mattel’s 12″ DC figures from the past few years. However, Spin Master did them one better by adding articulatied knees!


Batman and King Shark interact well. King Shark’s hands are soft enough and in a perfect pose to look natural when not in use or to look like they’re grabbing batman’s ankles!


The inside of the packaging is the background artwork from the Harbor Defender Mission. This is the same background on the back of the packaging with Batman and King Shark in it. I’m sure the goal here was to make the front of the packaging look similar to the arwork, but another idea is that you can use this artwork as a backdrop for smaller figures!




As an adult collector, this set is an almost hit for me. I really like this King Shark figure, I just wish he had more articulation. If he had the same articulation as the Batman figure he’s packed with, this would be one of my favorite figures. The sculpting is good and he’s nice and bulky. Batman is a great figure with great detailing and articulation, I just don’t have an emotional attachment to this Batsuit. 

I’ll take a moment to mention here that IF Spin Master were to make a 12″ Batman Beyond figure with this articulation, I’d pre-order it in a heartbeat!

Now, since these are probably aimed more towards children than us adult collectors, I would imagine that these would be big hits. As I mentioned previously, King Shark is large and bulky. This makes him a perfect bad guy figure to fight Batman. As for Batman, this figure is the most articulated 12″ figure in regular retail. I believe both Marvel and Fornight 12″ figures can’t move knees or elbows, so this Batman is already WAY better! Then you add in the nicely detailed sculpt and I can see this whole set being some kid’s favorite figures.