Batman: Arkham Knight Announced

Rejoice Batfans; Rocksteady Studios is coming back to Gotham and in a big way.

For those of us slightly let down by the average gameplay of Batman: Arkham Origins by WB Montreal, this is a sigh of relief.

batman arkham knight

Arkham Origins was an okay addition of the franchise but offered nothing new. Now we know, it was merely a holdover to keep the fandom happy while Rocksteady finished up what they are calling the final story in the Arkham Tale that began with 2009’s “Batman: Arkham Asylum”.

From the trailer released by you play as BAtman as he takes on an entire Army unified under Scarecrow to take down the BAtman and take over Gotham.  

If that doesn’t get you going, you now get to tool around a fully realized open world Gotham in the Batmobile as Rocksteady takes the Arkham Series into the world of sandbox play.

For those who pre-order you also get DLC in order to play as Harley Quinn.
The storyline seems to focus on a plot point that was an easter egg in Arkham City.


All in all I can’t wait. I got my cowl ready and my Batarangs sharpened.


“Batman: Arkham Knight” has a projected release date of October 2014.


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