Bandai Provides New Photos and Info For Star Wars Movie Realization Darth Vader

Bandai has re;eased new images and info for their widely surprising Star Wars Movie Realization Samurai Darth Vader. The figure will clock in around 7″ tall and he will include a lightsaber hilt, an extended lightsaber, interchangeable hands and he will also come with 15+ points of articulation. Look for this figure to be released in December at an SRP of $84 USD. This has to be one of the wildest Darth Vader figures ever produced and the whole Samurai look is intriguing to say the least. Check out the new images below.

Star-Wars-Movie-Realization-Samurai-Darth-Vader-010 Star-Wars-Movie-Realization-Samurai-Darth-Vader-001 Star-Wars-Movie-Realization-Samurai-Darth-Vader-002 Star-Wars-Movie-Realization-Samurai-Darth-Vader-003 Star-Wars-Movie-Realization-Samurai-Darth-Vader-004 Star-Wars-Movie-Realization-Samurai-Darth-Vader-005 Star-Wars-Movie-Realization-Samurai-Darth-Vader-006 Star-Wars-Movie-Realization-Samurai-Darth-Vader-007 Star-Wars-Movie-Realization-Samurai-Darth-Vader-008 Star-Wars-Movie-Realization-Samurai-Darth-Vader-009