Bandai Godzilla SDCC Exclusive Revealed!!









Bandai has revealed a Godzilla 60th Anniversary Figure that will be exclusive for SDCC 2014. Read on for more info and check out those images!

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the most iconic monster of all time, Bandai is releasing a limited edition 6.5“ vinyl Godzilla figure in exclusive diorama packaging. The “King of the Monsters” has taken many forms throughout his 60 year history, but fans have never seen a combination like this!  If you dare ignore the danger warning and open this highly stylized and collectible Godzilla package, you will be unleashing a scene of epic destruction that only Godzilla can create. As you open the package a city amid destruction rises up to become the back-drop for your attacking Godzilla figure. With the colors of the burning city reflected across his massive body and his spine aglow with the tell-tale radioactive energy for his Atomic Breath, you can imagine the imminent destruction of his foes and hear the final echo of his iconic roar as he slips back into the darkest depths of the sea until he’s awakened once again.


Only 500 pieces produced and individually numbered.


Price $60.00




Godzilla-60th-Anniversary-SDCC-Figure-3 Godzilla-60th-Anniversary-SDCC-Figure-2 Godzilla-60th-Anniversary-SDCC-Figure-1