Bandai America’s New York Comic Con 2014 Exclusives

Bandai America has released new images of it’s upcoming NYCC 2014 exclusives.

Celebrating more than 20 years of Power Rangers history, the powerful Green Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series comes to life in an unforgettable design as the Limited Edition Tokyo Vinyl®Mighty Morphin POWER RANGERS Metallic Green Ranger. This awesome hyper-stylized figure features the unique chunky styling of the acclaimed Japanese vinyl artist TOUMA, who is renowned in Japan for his character designs. With sharp angular features and oversized forearms and hands, this Power Ranger is a statement in Tokyo pop art. This release of the Green Ranger comes in a metallic version with special edition legacy packaging, making it the perfect addition to any Ranger collection. Available exclusively at the Bandai America booth at New York Comic-Con. Limited quantities available each day.

Price $25.00


UNLOCK THE POWER with the Limited Edition Power Rangers Tommy Oliver Legendary Ranger Key Set! This set includes five limited edition metallic Ranger Keys: Mighty Morphin Green, Mighty Morphin White, Zeo Red, Turbo Red and Dino Thunder Black…together in one complete collection! All five keys activate an exclusive “Go Go Power Rangers” sound when inserted into the Deluxe Legendary Morpher (sold separately), and “Unlock the Power” of sounds and features throughout the Power Rangers Super Megaforce toy line! Scan these Ranger Keys on any Apple or Android smart device using the Power Rangers Scanner App for a chance to instantly win Power Rangers Super Megaforce toys, and to enter the “Unlock the Power” Sweepstakes! This complete set is a necessity for Power Rangers fans young and old! These keys are only available in metallic as a complete collection at the Bandai America booth at New York Comic-Con. Limited quantities available each day.

Price $25.00


Exclusive to New York Comic Con 2014, Bandai America is releasing a limited edition 6.5“ vinyl figure to celebrate Legendary Pictures’ and Warner Bros. Pictures’ 2014 movie Godzilla. The “King of the Monsters” has taken many forms throughout his 60 year history, but fans have yet to see him like this. Open the highly stylized and collectible package and see Godzilla set amidst a city in destruction. This impressively detailed and articulated figure captures Godzilla’s ferocity and glowing spines as he generates lethal amounts of radioactive energy for his Atomic Breath! Poised to unleash this epic power on his enemies, this is the exclusive Godzilla figure every fan will want to collect. Available exclusively at the Bandai America booth. Limited quantities available each day.

Price $40.00

godzilla-01 godzilla-2014-movie-figure-njcc-exclusive

Transform your favorite character from Disney’s Big Hero 6, Baymax, from his white, Nursebot form to his crime fighting, super hero form. Use the over 20 body armor pieces to Armor Up the 6” Nursebot Baymax figure and construct a powered-up version 8” super hero figure ready for action. Easy to assemble and fun to transform back and forth as you re-enact all your favorite moments when Baymax prepares for battle and returns to his lovable form.

Item is non-exclusive and is available for purchase without a ticket, exhibitors may purchase during the show.

Price $20.00

baymax-01 big-hero-6-disney-bandai-nycc-2014

Create your hero from the ground up. SprüKits Batman: Arkham City, Batman is assembled by you from 95 pieces with no paint, glue or cutting required to build a 5.19 inch tall, highly detailed figure with true to life action hero movement and articulation. These kits allow junior engineers to experience the joy of building as they snap together and assemble the various pieces to build their favorite characters and have the pride that comes with being able to say “I built,” rather than “I have.” Fans of action figures, collectors and model builders will absolutely love the exciting innovation and detailed SprüKits figures they are able to easily build, pose and display. What makes a hero? Ü DO!

Item is non-exclusive and is available for purchase without a ticket, exhibitors may purchase during the show.