August Lootcrate Unboxing

Last month we had a Villains themed Loot Crate so this month it’s the Heroes’ turn! Join us for our final Loot Crate unboxing.

August Loot Crate 01 Groot

First item out of the box is the Lootcrate exclusive Groot POP! by Funko. This Bobblehead is now my second Groot figure and while he may not have the articulation of the Minimate, he definitely has the look. I think this is probably one of a very few characters that could get the POP! treatment and still look fairly normal. The right arm also glows in the dark

August Loot Crate 02 Groot



Next up are a pair of cool shades….well, fun shades would be a better description….TMNT Bandana Glasses!

August Loot Crate 03 TMNT Glasses

The effect works fairly well and it looks like you’re wearing a turtle mask, unfortunately the lens are a little small so I was looking through the bottom of the lens and the plastic “frames” were just slightly in the way. Still, they’re fun and funky.


Not just one Ninja Turtle item, but we are treated to two of them in this Hero themed crate!

August Loot Crate 04 TMNT Kidrobot

This vinyl figure is made by Kidrobot and is part of their Ooze Action series.

August Loot Crate 05 TMNT Kidrobot

The figure’s arms can rotate up and down and the head can turn side to side.

August Loot Crate 06 TMNT Kidrobot

You also get weapons! The hands hold them very well even with no thumbs to secure them. Now you’ll notice the packaging mentioned Glow in the Dark. You can see some Ooze on Mikey’s Nunchucks there, that’s what glows in the dark, but it’s very faint even with a blacklight.

August Loot Crate 07 TMNT Kidrobot


August Loot Crate 08 Deadpool Magnet

Next up is another magnet, this time it’s the box art of Chimichang’Os (I’m sure a staple of Deadpool’s breakfast every morning)

August Loot Crate 09 Chimichangos Magnet


August Loot Crate 10 Shwings

We also have something I haven’t seen before, Shwings. A pair of foil lightening bolts you can tie to your shoes for some extra speed on the race track.


August Loot Crate 11 Mega Man Air Freshener

Nearing the end of the box we have a cool Mega Man Air Freshener! Both sides of the shaped air freshener has a different image of Mega Man.


August Loot Crate 12 Magazine

As always we have the magazine and the themed button. The magazine has an article explaining the origins of many different heroes and there’s some games and such.

August Loot Crate 18 Title


August Loot Crate 13 Game Downloads

At the bottom of the box we have a card with download codes for various items in 3 different games: Doctor Who Legacy, Defense Grid & Gauntlet!


Speaking of the box, We were told that response to last month’s Villains designed box was really good so we were going to get a Heroes designed box! I have to say that I wasn’t expecting the box we got, but I LOVE it!

August Loot Crate 14 Box

On the outside, everything except for this side of the box looks normal. This appears to be a sewer lid, I wonder what it could lead to?


August Loot Crate 15 Box

How about a full on Ninja Turtle Sewer Lair!?

August Loot Crate 16 Box

Not only is the whole inside of the box deco’d up as a sewer lair, but the rug can be pulled up to form a 3-D seat for the couch!

August Loot Crate 17 Box

And even better, it appears to be a good fit for the Ninja Turtle Vinyl figure we got in the Lootcrate this month!


August Loot Crate 19

This was my final box as I only bought a 6 month subscription. Honestly, like any three year old, I think I like the box the best of all! But that’s not to say I’m not happy with the other items in this Loot Crate. I’ve found that I like the vinyl figures a lot more than I thought I would and like I said earlier, the TMNT Glasses are fun.


Now, when I started this experiment, I wondered if getting a Loot Crate subscription was a great deal or just a waste of money to get some junk in the mail each month. Honestly, I have to say it’s been a cool deal. I do have a number of items now that I wouldn’t have bought if I saw them at the store, but there are a few items I absolutely love (Marty McPrime Shirt, Joki Shirt & Zelda bottle opener especially) It’s also been fun getting in a new crate each month and being surprised by what’s in the box (thankfully no decapitated heads 🙂 ) Even my wife has been looking forward to seeing what surprises await us each month.

So to reassess what $106 can buy you:

Loot Crate March 18 Full BoxMay Loot Crate 10

June Loot Crate 09July Loot Crate 11 Villians

Apr Loot Crate 10August Loot Crate 19


That’s 4 T-Shirts
6 Vinyl Figures3 Key Chains
3 Magnets
a CD, DVD, Manga, Air Freshener, Pair of Socks, Posters, Stickers, Candy, Jerky, Glasses, Stress Ball, 20 sided Die, Comic Book, etc….

If you figure T-Shirts are $10-$15 each and Vinyl figures typically run $10 each, the first two items I listed would run you at least $100. So yep, Loot Crate comes out to be a pretty good deal. Also a few of the items have a fairly healthy resale value on ebay if you’re not fond of all the items (Vinyl figures and T-Shirts seem to be guaranteed resale items, the Zelda bottle opener also has a healthy price range of $7-$36)