Attention Please!

Yeah I know that is pretty generic but I bet you stopped scrolling. I just wanted to post a status report for the site and staff. Right now we are all holding up okay and I hope all you guys and gals are safe as well. Over the last month our attention was focused on home, loved ones and well, just trying to adjust to the new norm. The site has been a little slow with articles and for that I am deeply sorry. While many of you could be home bored, having a fun website to surf is important. While we rank low on many folks list, we do have tons of cool, neat and informative articles for just about everyone. 

For my staff I just want them all safe and to take care of personal needs and not worry about Needless. Right now family is the most important and work of course. Some of us survived the cut and some did not, including I. Just know that you, the reader(s) mean the world to us so please keep staying safe and follow the guidelines. We will be working to get things going again and hopefully get back to normal. I have transitioned to online sales and things are stabilizing so I will be posting a ton more. Just remember if you need a break from the real world, dig into the archives, you never know what you will find.