Artist of the Week: Tula Lotay

Tula Lotay is someone whose work you’ve seen, but may have passed by. However, in preparing next week’s previews for Dynamite, I saw her name mentioned as a cover artist, and recognized it. I went to see more and was taken aback. How had I not featured her work before?

Her work really came to be noticed last year on Supreme Blue Rose, written by Warren Ellis. He focused the story on Supreme’s girlfriend, Diane Dane. Her artwork was perfect for the dream-like qualities that the story needed. In the past year, her work’s been seen primarily on covers, including Rebels, Curb Stomp, Swords of Sorrow and a variant for Black Canary.

Below is a gallery of her work taken from her website and various solicitations we’ve received in the past. I heartily recommend purchasing a print or artwork from her store while you’re at it.

Supreme Blue Rose 7 by Tula Lotay supremesdcc SUPREMEBR01cover

SupremeBlueRose02_Page4 SupremeBlueRose02_Page3 SupremeBlueRose02_Page2 SupremeBlueRose02_Page1

CODENAMEBAB1_CvrB_2x3_300 Rebels 1 by Tula Lotay Swords Sorrow 6 Tula Lotay

Blackcross05-Cov-A-Lotay bc2tulalotay 2974-thumb blackcross01covmrarelotayvi

Curb_Stomp_001_coverA rebels2 rebels3