Artist Of The Week: Tim Dixon

Tim Dixon is helping to redefine what we refer to when talk of “Comic Book Art.” Normally that phrase indicates that we are talking about drawings that are either part of the comic-making progress or illustrations that are directly inspired by comic books. As any artist will tell you, the definition of “art” is very broad. Today, we’re featuring an artist that starts pulling us in the direction of the “Arts & Crafts” part of the definition, but his focus on emphasizing the great cover art of comics is what makes him worthy of inclusion in our list of Artists of the Week.

s280866706462198003_p22_i1_w1156I met and spoke with Tim Dixon at the Pencils & Pixels Art Show at Queens University in Charlotte, NC on January 14. Tim loves the art of a comic book cover, so instead of just framing entire comic books in an ill-fitting frame, he came up with an idea to not only celebrate and showcase the cover art, but the interior art inside. Deconstructing the comic, he carefully chooses which panels best represent the story and interior art. Using various mounting materials, the finished product is head and shoulders what you could buy at various retail outlets. These are one of a kind pieces that take a full comic book and turn them into a singular work of art.

Tim doesn’t tear apart expensive back issues for his creations. He doesn’t spend more than ten dollars for a comic to create a piece of artwork from, and knowing that, and seeing how much care goes into selecting the panels to make the “frame” around the cover art, you’d be surprised to find out that the average price for one of his finished pieces is just forty dollars.

Tim has done larger pieces. At the pencils and pixels show, he has a two issue Thor/Beta Ray Bill piece and is considering even larger works of art, included all twelve issues of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Given the plethora of great comic book covers, his inspiration remains limitless. Check out his previous creations below, then head over to his Facebook page or website and see if you can’t throw some love his way and make the room you keep your comics in a little more special.

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