Artist Of The Week: Sophie Campbell

Sorry for the lack recently of an Artist Of The Week feature, but it’s back and this week with the fantastic artist of Jem & The Holograms, Sophie Campbell!

Sophie’s artwork is clean, yet not worked to death. There’s inspiration in there that shows not just a love of the material, but a love of the art form. I don’t think Jem would be as good with any other artist on it, as Sophie’s artwork is part of the appeal, especially the variety of body types represented. All of her characters are gorgeous, even the evil ones. It says a lot when a major motion picture trailer comes out and everyone wishes it was more like a comic adaptation of the same property. That’s in no small part to Sophie’s work.

Before you think all there is to her work is Jem & the Holograms, please check out her webcomics, Shadoweyes and Can’t Look Back, as well as her TMNT fan comic.

Check out the gallery below, taken from her Tumblr, and then go check it out for more.

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