Artist of the Week: Rico Renzi

The under-appreciated artists in comics are the colorists. A bad one can ruin a book, a good one will most likely go unnoticed. There is one colorist that has been setting himself apart from others with his unique color choices that always seem to work. His covers that he has colored get noticed and talked about. Self-taught, he tends to be very selective in the work that he takes on, but his breakthrough work has been on Spider-Gwen, although he can also be spotted on Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck, series where he adds a lot to already stunning artwork.

Check out the gallery below for a sample of some of his work. If we haven’t already run it on the site, then it’s taken from his Tumblr, He also has a DeviantArt account, if you’d like to check that out before hopefully coming across him selling some fantastic prints at a convention somewhere. I personally recommend picking up his “This Is It” Glycee print from his online store.


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