Artist of the Week: Hoyt Silva

At Free Comic Book Day, I had the pleasure of meeting Hoyt Silva, a very talented artist that you most likely haven’t heard of. His work has mostly been for independent publishers, and mostly on titles that have flown under the radar, despite being extremely interesting. What separates him from most of the other artists I’ve featured here is that what really grabs me is his sequential work. It really grabs me and not since Brian Stelfreeze have I seen an artist use shadows with such evocative storytelling.

Below is a gallery of his work taken from his tumblr page. I heartily recommend purchasing something from him, even if it’s just one of his sketchbooks.

america chavez by Hoyt Silva daymen domino commission by Hoyt Silva flash

grarrowheroesconcommission hellboyandfriends oathbound

quartermain2 sifcommission silvascreen by Hoyt Silva

opnemesisp36 opnemesisp41 opnemesisp66

opnemesisp74 opnemesisp103 opnemesisp104