Artist of the Week: Gene Gonzales

I came to notice Gene Gonzales’ work through a Facebook group centered around the Legion of Super-Heroes. Over the past year, Gene Gonzales has been doing commissions of the Legion, especially in obscure costumes. He brings a joy to drawing when you read his blog, and his work is crisp and clean. He draws characters with honor to their heritage, and does enough drawing to make almost any artist feel like they’re slacking off.

Over the years, he’s drawn a few comics here and there for various publishers, but his blog is where you can see most of his work. You can also buy a collection of his sketches and get a commission, which you totally should if you collect original art.

Enjoy this gallery of his work, taken from his blog.

Gene Gonzales Gallery

B112215_Dr Strange_wc B112015_TimberWolf_wc B070913_2pt_emma B112615_KarateKid_wc
supergirl02_ggsite batgirl_cassie_020112_ggsite B062815_Starfire Robin_Heroes2015 B090615_superboy212_cover
B032215_spidergwen_ccs B051715_Angela_ccc B111313_redsonja_ccs B062815_Supergirl_Crisis_Heroes2015
B112015_Phase_wc B053113_Nova_HeroesCon2013 B112615_ElementLad_wc B112615_dawnstar_wc