Archie #5 Review

I promised an Archie #5 review, so buckle up. Archie #5 hits your local comic shop today with amazing variant covers and a new artist, Veronica Fish. The previous issues have done very well. Will this one continue a streak of excellent comics?

Archie #5 Review Archie#5WilliamsVar Archie#5PitilliVar


Script: Mark Waid
Art: Veronica Fish, Andre Szymanowicz, Jack Morelli
Archie #5 CVR A Reg Cover: Veronica Fish
Archie #5 CVR B Variant: Thomas Pitilli
Archie #5 CVR C Variant: David Williams
On Sale Date: 1/6
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.


The biggest comic series of the year presses on! Betty and Jughead have declared war on Veronica over the heart and soul of Archie Andrews! Who should you be rooting for? You might just be surprised by the answer! Rising star comics artist Veronica Fish (Pirates of Mars, the RIVERDALE CW promo image) joins the legendary Mark Waid on creative duties for this brand new issue!



Mark Waid is progressing the story along nicely. Here it actually evolves naturally to properly introduce Reggie Mantle, which it does in a way that really doesn’t convey how sleazy he really is. Everyone talks about it, but it never really gets shown that he does anything sleazy. What’s amazing is the budding relationship between Archie and Veronica, which Jughead and Betty are out to stop. Well, it comes across as a very normal relationship that may actually be good for Veronica, and not necessarily harmful to Archie. What’s really nice about this story is that the characters are written as more than their iconic stereotypes, they’re becoming well-rounded human beings.

The art is maintaining a stylistic quality from the series’ first artist, Fiona Staples. However, we have the third artist in five issues which I would normally find very troubling. To the credit of Archie Comics, the style is consistently similar and doesn’t distract from the story. I would like to see a regular artist on this series and sooner, rather than later. Veronica Fish does a very good job, and I like her Veronica better than any I’ve seen so far. Her Reggie is somewhat lacking, though, but that Veronica is nice, and most importantly, doesn’t look like a horrible person, which is what makes her evil side so devious, because it hides behind such a pleasant face.

I’m still reading, and I’m still enjoying it.