Archie #22 – Review

Archie Comics has promised that “Over The Edge” will change the New Riverdale with tragedy striking one of the gang. Now with Archie #22, we finally learn the outcome of this story that changes everything.

Archie #22

Script: Mark Waid
Art: Pete Woods, Jack Morelli
Cover: Pete Woods
Variant Cover: Thomas Pitilli, Greg Smallwood
On Sale Date: 7/19
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Tragedy has descended upon one of Riverdale’s most beloved residents. This is one you’re going to want to buy, keep, and re-read over the years, because we promise it will never leave you.


I’m not supposed to spoil any of this for you. Almost anything I say is going to spoil this in some way. The elements that I liked were the flashbacks, especially the reprise of L’il Archie and Veronica’s flashback. They gave good reminders of why Betty is such an important character in Riverdale. Betty is nice, no matter who she’s dealing with and over the decades, that got translated into “boring.” Betty is the one character in Riverdale that does not try to be overly duplicitous. The one time that she tried, even she realized that it was a bad fit for her.

Pete Woods is an amazing artist for this series, and I’ve loved his work since World of New Krypton. Now he’s managed to make both an alien civilization and the epitome of the all-American town completely believable. I would very much like to see him stick around on Archie.

Rating: 9.0 (out of 10) I can’t even tell you what gives it these points.