April Fools Wrap Up

We’re revealing the secrets to our multiple April Fools’ pranks. Did you catch them all, were any of them too real sounding? Read on to get a behind the scenes look at what we did!


Breaking News: Sony Announces Dazzler Feature Film for 2017

April Fools kyliedazzbedgw4

Marvel has had success with b-listers in movies (most notably Guardians of the Galaxy) but Sony tends to stick with more mainstream characters (especially for their main characters in a movie) So while this movie could have been an interesting foray into the musically talented mutant, it was totally false.

It was based off of long time dream casting by fans of Kylie Minogue, going back to 2007, with a YouTube video using Minogue’s song “Your Disco Needs You” which we’ve included below. When William Gooden posted on Facebook that Minogue’s “Kiss Me Once” concert made her seem like Dazzler, the wheels locked into place for this fake story.

Everything said in the article holds a little truth, as Minogue could still play the character as long as it’s done as a comeback story, and Max Martin would be the perfect songwriter for a feature film that would rely this heavily on pop music. Given that IDW is having some success with Jem and the Holograms, a Dazzler movie might even work, but given that she’s tied to the X-Men the best that Dazzler fans can hope for is a cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse.


M.A.S.K. 30th Anniversary Press Release and Preview:

While this has been a hope for many fans (ourselves included) and there have been recent rumors concerning Hasbro and M.A.S.K., this story was complete fabrication. The three picture mock ups of the toys were made using mostly existing toys and a little photoshop.

April Fools 09 MASK 30

April Fools 10 MASK 30

April Fools 11 MASK 30

Miles Mayhem was made from three pictures gathered online of JoeCon’s Joe Colton figure, the digital representation of General Mayhem’s jacket from the upcoming JoeCon figure and the head of a past JoeCon figure, Claymore.

April Fools 01 MASK 30 Mayhem


The Switchblade was simply the helicopter from the GI Joe Rise of Cobra Rhino vehicle with a little recoloring and a fake “sticker” detail colored on one of the wings. For the helicopter mode picture, I had to hold the wings in place with tape because they are designed to flip out when the helicopter is raised out of the vehicle that houses it so there’s no clips or anything to actually hold the wings up

April Fools 02 MASK 30 Switchblade

April Fools 03 MASK 30 Switchblade


Cliff Dagger was the most involved figure consisting of parts from 4 different figures and photoshopping. The base body was a picture of a ROC General Hawk with a Cobra Island Ripcord head on it, then I photoshopped ROC Shipwreck’s hat on and 25th Major Bludd’s eye patch. A little changing of the shirt’s color and we had a Cliff Dagger figure!

April Fools 04 MASK 30 Dagger


The Jackhammer was another obvious choice, we just took pictures of the two modes for the Rise of Cobra Steel Crusher (Sans front cow catcher attachment) and then photoshopped a couple of vintage stickers on it

April Fools 05 MASK 30 Jackhammer

April Fools 06 MASK 30 Jackhammer


And the Matt Trakker picture was the easiest as I didn’t do anything but white out the background on it. Matt is the GI Joe 25th figure released in 2008 plus the “Fancy Firebird” from Kenner’s early 80’s doll line, Glamour Gals

April Fools 07 MASK 30 Thunderhawk

April Fools 08 MASK 30 Thunderhawk


So fess up, who was fooled? Did we make the stories too real sounding or were our readers skeptical of everything on the internet yesterday?