Antonio Fuso Reveals Variant Cover for GI Joe: A Real American Hero #214

This just hit my newsfeed for Twitter and this is a must see. If you’re a fan of IDW’s GI Joe A Real American Hero then you will want to snag this copy. As most of you know, IDW only released a handful of covers for ARAH through their solicitations and we are just now seeing some of the upcoming variants. This issue will be huge as Snake Eyes will be “dying”. Thanks to Antonio Fuso’s Twitter account, we can now get a look at one of the covers IDW has held back. Antonio Fuso has is no stranger to GI Joe comics as he worked on the fan favorite  Cobra and Cobra Files from IDW. This upcoming run from IDW is sure to change many things for both the GI Joe team and us readers. Look for this issue to hit in May.