Aly Fell – Artist Of The Week

Aly Fell’s work is astounding. It’s what first drew us in on The Shadow Glass. The UK-based artist came from an initial background in animation, but her more recent work in illustration shows the mastery she has over all of the essentials of great art.

aly fell art bookShe’s authored several books on Fantasy Art. Her vast gallery of work is just an astounding journey through almost 100 pieces of art. Each one shows her mastery of form, design, color, and that one thing that can’t be taught, concept. Every image has something, sometimes all-encompassing and sometimes small, that shows her mind working in making it not just another pretty image.

We’ve included a gallery below that shows just a small fraction of her work. It is highly recommended that you visit her site, Darkrising, and her blog, Port Out, Starboard Home. The blog gives a peek into her process. It’s also astounding to see her sketches, which are more detailed than some finished work artists release. Seriously, take the time to get to know this artist’s work.

While you’re visiting, you may want to pick up Darkrising: The Art of Aly Fell, which even with International shipping is worth the price. We’re not kidding, get to know Aly Fell’s work.


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