All New X-Men Minimates Iceman & Sentinel Review

Comic shops have Marvel Minimates series 59 (All New X-Men) that you won’t find at TRU! We’re taking a look at one of the 2 packs: Iceman and a Sentinel.


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 01

The packaging is your typical 2 pack box with the All New X-Men logo in the top corner.


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 02

Having not read the All New X-Men book, I can’t say if the Sentinel captures the look from the comic well or not. It definitely retains a classic Sentinel look even with the reused Iron Man shoulder/chest piece.


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 03

The chest block under the torso piece has a classic Sentinel tampo for anyone who isn’t a fan of the shoulder/chest piece.


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 04

The hands are reused Omega Red pieces and therefore, this Sentinel comes with silver tentacles to grab mutants with.


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 05

The Sentinel also comes with the blast effects base that was originally used for Modok’s chair. The piece can be used to simulate one of the Sentinel’s foot jets blasting off.


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 06

Depending on the angle of the camera shot, the blast effect can appear to be coming from both feet as well

Iceman Sentinel Minimates 07


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 08

This Sentinel may be darker than the Sentinel from the Days of Futures Past SDCC set, but the aesthetic allows it to fit in pretty well to add to your mutant hunting armies.


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 09

Iceman is in his frosted up outfit from the comic. This is not the first time Iceman has been made in opaque white, but it’s not a common tactic. (The last time was 6 years and 48 waves ago) I’m more a fan of Iceman figures being translucent, but I appreciate DST trying to change it up every once in a while.


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 10 Ice Blast

Speaking of translucent pieces, Iceman comes with a new ice blast accessory. Unlike previous ice blasts that would take the place of a hand, this one fits snugly around the hand. The ice blast works well and doesn’t move around unless you move it, but that means when you try to take it off, it typically pulls the hand out of the arm, then you have to dig the hand out of the ice blast.


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 11 Ice Sled

Iceman has one other new accessory, for the first time ever, we get a sculpted ice slide! The slide has a foot peg on it to work as a great, character specific figure stand.


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 12

Both of these new accessories can be added to Iceman to create some nice displays.


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 13

Due to the new accessories being translucent, they can also be used with your other Iceman figures and look like they belong with the figure

Iceman Sentinel Minimates 14


Iceman Sentinel Minimates 15

I originally bought this set just to get the cool, new Iceman accessories, The Iceman figure is ok, but like I said previously, I like the translucent versions better and these accessories are a great fit for my go to Iceman.  I didn’t expect to enjoy the Sentinel as much as I do. The blast effect, tendrils and classic styled chest tampo really helped this Sentinel stand out to me. This is one of a very few army builders that I want multiples of (Thankfully he’s also packed in with the variant figure from this wave)

Fans of the All New X-Men book will want to grab this wave (as I believe it completes the whole team in one wave) but even casual fans should be able to find a lot to enjoy with this wave.

Iceman Sentinel Minimates 16 Title