Aliens Reaction 3 Pack – Random Toys

While not exactly “spooky” this week’s entry is from one of the greatest action films in a Horror franchise. We’re talking about the film Aliens. This week we’re looking at the Reaction 3 pack that includes Ellen Ripley, A Power Loader & the Alien Queen!

aliens-reaction-3-pack-001The Aliens Reaction 3 Pack is packaged in a window box displaying both the Alien Queen and Ripley operating the Power Loader. The box has Aliens graphics all over it and the insert inside the box is a close up of the Aliens’ teeth. All of the figures inside are suspended in a plastic clamshell insert.



aliens-reaction-3-pack-002aliens-reaction-3-pack-003The Alien Queen figure has a basic 5 POA with swivel neck, shoulders & hips. The figure is clearly an Alien Queen, but the details feel a little soft (especially in the hips/upper legs area)



aliens-reaction-3-pack-004I like the head sculpt a lot. The bared teeth are sculpted well and the paint job makes them pop a little. While the details feel soft on most of the figure, the head is done very well.




aliens-reaction-3-pack-005There is one point of caution with the Alien Queen. At first I thought the tail was flexible, but not really poseable. I noticed after a few bends however, that this is not the case as the tail appears to either be breaking or perhaps is just coming undone at one of the joints where it is glued together. Either way, the tail is not to be moved or else you will have to repair it.


aliens-reaction-3-pack-006The Power Loader is well detailed and looks much like it does in the movie. The arms can swivel up and down while the “hands” can rotate. The rollcage bar over Ripley’s head can swivel upwards. The arms have handles for the Ripley figure to hold on to (or to just place the hands near)



aliens-reaction-3-pack-007Ripley can be easily removed from the Power Loader and here you can see there are foot pegs that help hold the figure inside it. While the Power Loader is full of details, it lacks a good amount of poseability. Honestly, just giving it elbow joints would be a big step.



aliens-reaction-3-pack-008The Ripley figure is your basic 5 POA Reaction styled figure. The sculpture is decent for the body. The head feels a little off sculpture wise, although I do like that the hair is significantly better sculpted than the original, Kenner Sculpted Ripley from the first series of Reaction Alien figures.




It’s nice to have an Alien Queen in this line, but unfortunately, it’s a tad on the small side to be in scale with any of the other figures from this line. The lack of poseability (while there are 5 POA, the static tail makes the leg articulation null and void) combined with the other issues makes this figure the low point of the set. Ripley is an ok figure. I like her better than the second series of figures, but the first series are still the superior figures IMO in terms of sculpt. The Power Loader is clearly the winner here. Even with the lack of elbow articulation, the sculpt and arm/hand articulation make this the reason to buy this set.