Aliens Minimates Wv1 Dietrich & Mary

Wave 1 of the Aliens Minimates two packs has hit comic and specialty shops! Today we’re looking at the Cpl. Dietrich & Colonist Mary set

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Corporal Cynthia Dietrich is the Bravo Team’s Hospital Corpsman. She has the standard Space Marine armor and comes with a separate hairpiece for her unarmored look. What’s a surprise is that DST added a female chest tampo under the armor when they easily could have just made the same tampo the other marines all have.

Aliens Minimates Dietrich 03

Like the others, Dietrich also comes with a Pulse Rifle

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Packaged with Cpl. Dietrich is Colonist Mary. Mary is the Hadley’s Hope Colonist that Bravo Team finds cocooned in the Alien’s nest. The figure comes with a Chestburster piece we first saw in the Alien Box Set. The piece is removable and underneath there’s a dirty shirt tampo

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The Chestburster piece is the most interesting part with Mary. It can be used on any regular Minimate figure. This set may be one of the ones casual fans pass up. Dietrich is cool, but with the Space Marine armor on, she blends in with other Space Marines and Mary is better than a duplicate Alien, but isn’t much more than a background dressing for most dio scenes. However, for those, like me, who want ALL of the Space Marines, this is a must buy. It just may not translate into a must buy right now set for many people. I do like that Dietrich and Mary were paired up since Dietrich is the one who tried to save Mary before the Chestburster made it’s appearance in the movie.

You can pick up this set at your Local Comic Shop or from Amazon

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