Aliens Minimates Wv1 Apone & Warrior Alien

Wave 1 of the Aliens Minimates are out at comic and specialty stores. Today we’re looking at the Sgt. Apone & Warrior Alien 2 pack!

Aliens Minimates Apone 01

Aliens Minimates Apone 02

The Warrior Aliens appears to be the exact same one from the Dump Case. The figure in my set seems to have the mouth piece glued in an open position as opposed to the closed position the Dump Case Alien had, but I don’t know if they’re all like that or just this figure.

Aliens Minimates Apone 03

This is a solid Alien and is a nice addition to the horde of Aliens we’re getting from this line

Aliens Minimates Apone 04

Aliens Minimates Apone 12

If this slightly open mouth Warrior Alien is widespread then this would now be the 5th Unique-ish Alien from the “Aliens” line (Not counting the Big Chap as he’s from the “Alien” line)


Aliens Minimates Apone 05

So now let’s look at the leader of Bravo Team, Gunnery Sergeant Al Apone! Like most of the Space Marines he comes with armor, but can remove it to have an unarmored look. Apone also comes with his USCM Hat.

Aliens Minimates Apone 06


Aliens Minimates Apone 07

Apone has a lot of nice tampo’d patches all over. His hat has the USCM patch


Aliens Minimates Apone 08

Both arms have patches on them. It appears there was a mistake on the USCM patch as it says USMC. It’s such a small detail that I didn’t even notice it until someone else mentioned the mistake on their figure.


Aliens Minimates Apone 09

Apone also comes with his trusty M41A Pulse Rifle


Aliens Minimates Apone 10

The last accessory Apone comes with is a facehugger! The facehugger is the same one that comes in the Alien box set, but is painted a darker tan/yellow color. It can slip over any regular Minimate head. The arms can be bent out a little to work around hair pieces if need be.

Aliens Minimates Apone 11


Like the DRake set, most people will be after this set for Apone rather than the Alien. Apone has a lot of nice details and looks great, I just wish he came with a cigar hand like a few other Minimates have had over the years. Otherwise, you’ll need to get this set to have your Space Marine Leader, but I could see casual fans passing this set up since most of the Space Marines didn’t survive the movie.

You can pick up this set at your Local Comic Shop or from Amazon

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Aliens Minimates Apone 13

Aliens Minimates Apone 14

Aliens Minimates Apone 15