Aliens Minimates Wv 1 Drake & Battle Damaged Attacking Alien

Wave 1 of the Aliens Minimates are out at comic and specialty stores. Today we’re looking at the Pvt. Drake & Battle Damaged Attacking Alien 2 pack!


Aliens Minimates Drake 01

The packaging is your typical blister carded two pack


Aliens Minimates Drake 02

The Battle Damaged Attacking Alien is a creative reuse of parts and tampos from the Attacking Alien and the Battle Damaged Alien we got in the Dump Case. This adds a new semi-unique Alien to our hordes

Aliens Minimates Drake 03

The figure has all the same articulation seen in the Dump Case Battle Damaged Alien

Aliens Minimates Drake 04

Next to the Battle Damaged Alien you can see that the tampos are exactly the same. It appears they really only added a tongue to a Battle Damaged Alien to give us this new Alien. I enjoy seeing some variations like this as just having a bunch of plain black Aliens would be a little boring.


Aliens Minimates Drake 05

Next up is Private Mark Drake. This is one of the two Space Marines on Bravo Team that uses the M56 Smartgun. Drake has completely different armor than the other Space Marine Minimates we’ve gotten. The shoulder cam is the same piece and can come off. Drake’s hat has a movable eye piece that can be rotated up or down

Aliens Minimates Drake 06

Like all of the Space Marines, Drake can take off all of his armor and has regular fatigues underneath. Unlike the other Marines, Drake doesn’t have armored boots so he looks more normal in his unarmored appearance than the others who have shin guards molded to their feet. Drake comes with a regular hat that doesn’t have all tech gear on it.

Aliens Minimates Drake 07

and of course Drake comes with his Smartgun

Aliens Minimates Drake 08

The armor has two different holes in the left side of it so you can position the Smartgun’s arm depending on how you want to pose it. The arm is an L shaped piece with a ball on either end to plug into the armor and the gun

Aliens Minimates Drake 09


While I do appreciate the Alien variation, Drake is the main reason to get this set. He’s got a great look to him and the poseable Smartgun is awesome. Definitely one of the Space Marines you need to add to your collection even if you’re not getting the whole roster.

You can pick up this set at your Local Comic Shop or from Amazon

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Aliens Minimates Drake 10

Aliens Minimates Drake 11

Aliens Minimates Drake 12

Aliens Minimates Drake 13