Aliens Minimates Sgt Apone Glowing Alien Review

We have a week until the “Alien Day” celebrations on April 26th (4/26 in honor of LV-426) so we’re going to review an Alien item every day until the 26th. Kicking off the week long lead up is the first pack from the Toys R Us exclusive second wave of Aliens Minimates: Sgt. Apone & Glowing Alien!

Apone 001

Apone and the Glowing Alien come in the standard blister pack. There are 3 sets in this Toys R Us exclusive wave and none of them feature the silver TRU exclusive sticker. However, I believe that these will not be at LCS or specialty stores.


Apone 002

The first one out of the package is the main figure from this wave I knew I HAD to have……The Glowing Alien. The figure is your basic open mouthed Alien in translucent green plastic. It has the same tampo on the non sculpted pieces as all the other Aliens. Aside from the color of the plastic, this is the same Alien figure we’ve now gotten multiple times in this wave.

Apone 003


Apone 004

Hence the name “Glowing Alien” the figure does glow in the dark. It glows a slight shade of blue even though it is green in normal light. The lower arms and legs of the basic Minimate body glow brighter than the rest of the figure, but overall, the Alien glows very dimly. Other glow in the dark Minimates are much brighter than the Alien is.


Apone 005

Sgt. Apone is your basic figure with sculpted gear. This figure is almost exactly like the one that came in the first wave of comic store figures.

Apone 006

There are a few minor differences in the camo pattern on his helmet & sleeves plus his skin tone and facial expression. I like the gritted teeth version for when he’s all geared up in his Space Marine armor and his neutral face for the regular camo outfit.

Apone 007


Apone 008

This pack comes with a closed Alien egg and a Chestburster that has a hole in the bottom of it so you can use a figure stand with it.


Apone 009

You give me the option to buy a glow in the dark figure, and I’m going to take it. I do wish the Alien glowed brighter, but I’m otherwise happy with it. Yet again, I find DST is getting me to buy the same figure again with Apone, but like with the Ninja Turtles and other Minimate lines, I don’t mind buying the same figure because there are enough differences to add variety to my collection.

Apone 010