Aliens Minimates Series 3

DST updated their Facebook page today with packaged pictures of series 3 Aliens Minimates!

Due out at your local comic shop today, Aliens Minimates Series 3 includes figures from the first Alien movie:
Narcissus Ripley & Narcissus Space Suit (With extra Ripley head)
Dallas & Lambert in their space suits
Ash & Frozen Xenomorph
There is also a variant set of the Frozen Xenomorph that includes a Battle Damaged Ash with a regular milk soaked head and a stretched neck piece

This series of Aliens Minimates completes the basic crew of the Nostromo from the first Alien movie, but there’s still a few figures that could happen in the future. Make sure to run out to your local comic shop or friendly online Minimates dealer to pick up this wave!

Aliens Minimates S3 001 Aliens Minimates S3 002 Aliens Minimates S3 003 Aliens Minimates S3 004 Aliens Minimates S3 005 Aliens Minimates S3 006